I Am Back


Each of us would ever feel jealous. Jealousy is not only in love term but also in others.

That was what I felt someday ago. I was jealous with my friends who have friends to discuss their thesis research, either by those who have a formal forum or who have the same supervisor.

This annoyed me 😥 because i am alone with my current supervisor. When trying to discuss with other friends about my research, most of them gave the same answer, “I do not know about it.” Sighs.

Jealousy should not be continued for sure because its interfered my research activity. I remember  hadith that explains we should envy only to 2 kinds of people. Firstly, to someone who remember Al-Qur’an and apply it in everyday life. The second one is the richman who gives his wealth for Islamic activities.

I must think about gratitude too. My current supervisor is a very, very good person. Willing to guide me, which my research is something new for her (it means she must study hard too). Willing to give a detail explanation if i can not understand about something, and so forth. Anyway, i  just realized that this feeling arose when i was tired or “menthok” in doing my research.

I must remember that the person who do the research is me. Not my friends or my supervisor. Well, this is a good experience for me.

Enough for unnecessary jealous. Back to research, Tik 🙂


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