I’ll Be Missing It

Studying. I do love this activity. Even though i have to face a hectic situation. Many times. Yeah, because of the homeworks, papers, exams and the last one, the thesis. But i love all of those moments. The moment when i must read so many papers, not sleep at nights, sharing knowledge with my friends or discuss with my lecturers. I always tell myself to be grateful. Because not everybody given the chance to have those experiences.

Well, i am still trying my best to finish the thesis as soon as possible but i think, i am gonna be missing all those moments.



3 thoughts on “I’ll Be Missing It

  1. teh tikaa.. semangeeuudd..!! dwi juga seneng belajar, diskusi… tapiii ga suka pas bagian thesisnya wehehehe… juli teh? dwi mah mau maksimalin masa di kampus sampe oktober.. hihi :p

    bismillah.. semoga sukses.. semoga Allah mudahkan… amiin ^^

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