Design Research in Information Systems Research

Reserch-design framework was introduced by Hevner and colleagues. This kind of research method combines two research paradigms: behavioral science and design science. Behavioral science try to develop and verify a theory that explain and predict the business needs, for example. Meanwhile, design science produce usefull thing to solve a problem. Both of the paradigmns are using to create the information system reseach framework.

As can be seen in Figure 1, business needs are defined in an environment. Information system research must relevant to an environment; therefore, the result can be applied and is the best solution to achieve business goal. Environment consists of human, technology and organization. Human define business needs using his role, capability and character. Business needs are evaluated in the context of strategy, structure, organization culture, and business process, with technology support.

The foundation and methodology in knowledge base will be analysed to search the best solution for the defined problem. Foundation consists of theory, framework, instrument, contruct, model, method and instantiation. Meanwhile, methodology provide a guidance in verify and instiation phase. Rigor can be found by applying the foundation and methodology.

Business needs solutions can be found by knowledge supporting that can be used to develop or generate theory and artefact. Artefact is a result which can be a constructrution, model, methode and instatiation from knowledge base. The theory or artifact verified or evaluated by analysis, case study, experiment, field study, or simulation. The contributed result for environment can be an artefact that can be used, and add something to knowledge base for the next research or application.

Figure 1. Hevner’s design research (pg.80)


Hevner, A. R., Martch S.T., Park, J. dan Ram, S., 2004, Design Science In Information System Research, MIS Quarterly, 28(1), 75-105.


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