Almost 1 Year

To day is the 8th day of ramadhan month 1433 H. My throat is hurt a bit now. It’s disturbing my tilawah activity. I decide to post something in order to do something useful. Actually, i want to wait until August 1st, the date my last posting posted.

I think this almost year is my feeling and thinking struggling year. So many things happen during this year. At my work place, home, family, etc. So many unpredictable things happen to me and i can not tell some of it to others. Because i am a lecturer with hundreds student who follow me on facebook, so i can not just make a status about my problems like everyone does. Because i am the eldest child in my family, i just can not beefing about something. Sometimes i think i need Doraemon help: “The door to everywhere”. Just want to leave everything for a moment. Just want to do something new or something i like.

But… thank to Alloh that i still and always have Him. So i still have hope and power to move on. Because i believe everything happen because of Him. He wants something to me. Maybe to increase my individual quality. And i consider it as the way to erase my sins. Hopefully.

But, not only bad unpredictable things but also good unpredictable ones happen to me. First, i begun lecture in a national university in Jogja since last semester (which is the salary 5 times higher than the ‘another one’). Second, my grant research proposal was admitted.  Third, my PKM student proposal were admitted and they will present for monitoring session tomorrow. I wish they can pass it and go to Pimnas. Alhamdulillah for everything 😀

I absolutely do not know what will happen to me next time.  Whatever it will be, i hope i can pass it and makes Alloh loves me more.

Just corpse and crazy people who does not have problems. So, problems show that we are an alive and a normal human being 🙂


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